#UsingProofCafe – Set up Custom Sub-Domain for Your Company

ProofCafe is an online proofing review and design collaboration software for creative content such as advertisement banners, flyers, posters, hoarding likewise illustrative as well as brochure pdf, audio and videos, etc. It enables creative agencies, design teams to publish the designs, provide secure access to reviewers to creative content and gather their specific, contextual feedback to approve the proof.

Start using ProofCafe to upload your creative content for review and you can do away confusing emails threads about review comments or proof version; neither you have to print copies of proof or attach/send copies of proof to a email distribution list and likewise traditional methods of review/proofing of creative content. ProofCafe improves designer-reviewer collaboration and significantly reduces rework to deliver creative design, marketing message faster to the market.

Before you start #UsingProofCafe – Set up custom sub-domain

Make ProofCafe looks like your own. You can set up custom domain while registering  your own ProofCafe account. You can choose your custom url to reflect your business name in the url. This url will also be seen by your clients when you will invite them to ProofCafe.

#UsingProofCafe - Registration to set up custom sub-domain


Next phase you can start using ProofCafe for your own sub-domain. All your designs, pdfs, videos will be accessible using this url and applicable credentials. As mentioned above, all your clients who have been invited to review design, audio, video, pdfs will view your company name in the url.

#UsingProofCafe - Login to custom sub-domain


Why you should use online proofing and design collaboration software?

For all the good reasons that you will benefit from using online proofing software ProofCafe. This beautiful software not only make design publishing simpler it also streamline the process to get review feedback precise and faster. Getting approval isn’t going to be harder anymore.

Your design team will be able to gather review feedback, understand it better, update the design and upload it as a new version. In short your team will be able to deliver  creative work faster to the market.

Advantages of #UsingProofCafe

  • No more confusion & frustration of going through lengthy emails trail responses as you start using ProofCafe to upload proof, gather review feedback
  • Centralise your creative content for proofing as well as the review process to deliver your creative work faster to the market
  • Your clients will clearly know about the latest version of the creative content and they can easily compare changes between two different version of a proof
  • Everyone will save considerable time and cost because
    • Easy annotation controls which will help reviewers to provide specific & contextual review comments the latest version of the proof
    • Content creator such as creative/ graphics designer will easily know exact feedback & s/he can make improvement,  upload & share a new version
    • You will see almost real time communication and collaboration is more structured and contextual
    • Lesser misunderstanding and no need of frequent rework leads to higher productivity


Do sign up for ProofCafe to get hands-on experience and together improve the proofing process.