#UsingProofCafe – How to Invite Reviewers and Set a Deadline

ProofCafe is an online software for creative review and collaboration that allows creative agencies/marketing teams/ design firms to invite reviewers, clients to access creative content such as info/ advertorial banners, brochures, flyers, videos, etc and provide their specific, contextual feedback and approve the work.

ProofCafe not only helps you get rid of all those confusion caused because of lengthy email trails but also significantly reduces rework by improving collaboration to deliver creative design, marketing message faster to the market.

Basics of #UsingProofCafe – How to Invite Reviewers and Set a Deadline

#UsingProofCafe - How to Invite Reviewer and Set a Deadline

This post covers the next step of using ProofCafe to invite reviewers to access proof, manage the way emails are sent to them. You w
ill find answers to following questions.

  • How can I invite internal reviewer and external clients to view proof ?
  • How can I control their access to proof?
  • How to control frequency of emails sent to them?
  • How can I specify due date/deadline for reviewing a proof?

After sign up for ProofCafe and uploading your proof, you can do away from using emails, printing copies of proof, attaching and sending copies of proof to a email distribution list and such traditional methods of review/proofing of creative content.

There are two ways you can invite revivers and approvers to access the proof (creative content).

#UsingProofCafe Invite Reviewers & Approvers

  1. You can use the Upload Proof wizard to upload the files and select reviewers in the same wizard window.
  2. You can upload the proof file using Upload Proof wizard and once the file thumbnail is generated, you can click on Proof Details option to invite desired reviewers and approvers.

The difference between these two approach is, at what point you will be inviting reviewers and approvers. In the first approach, upload & invitation happens almost at the same time, whereas in the second approach, you have already uploaded your creative content /proof file to ProofCafe and you can invite reviewer/approvers separately/later.

In here, there are different access permissions one can grant to reviewer whether reviewer can

  1. View the file
  2. Add comments
  3. Make a decision to approve proof or not
  4. Manage the proof

How Does It Work?

ProofCafe provides an intuitive user interface to help users upload the proof and invite reviewers & approvers.  It hand-hold the user with a wizard to walk him/her through the ‘upload a new proof & invite reviewer’ process.

  • Your can upload a proof by clicking on Browse link displayed and then selecting desired files or simply select desired files from your local computer or local network and drag-and-drop those files in the highlighted area
  • In the next step, you can invite reviewers and decision makers to view & access the proof files.
  • You can name reviewer’s group to identify a specific group of reviewers and decision makers in a department or external clients
  • You can configure their role whether simply observer, reviewer or a decision maker

#UsingProofCafe - Reviewer Roles and Access Permission


#UsingProofCafe Selecting Reviewer Role

  • You can configure and set type of emails & frequency each individual reviewer should receive

#UsingProofCafe Set Emails to Be Received by Reviewer

  • You can also indicate whether only one decision is required

#UsingProofCafe - Review Group Settings Only One Decision Required

  • And also specific whether there should be a due date for reviewers

#UsingProofCafe - Set Due Date, Review Deadline
Remember, once reviewer are identified in respective groups, they are sent email notification with a link to access the proof. Subsequently whenever new review comments are added or new version of the proof is uploaded, reviewers will be notified appropriately by email and In-app notification.

Why you should use online review and collaboration software?

Certainly there are benefits of using online software ProofCafe for creative content review and collaboration. It will help your clients to seamlessly collaborate with you to provide specific feedback and you will be able to deliver your creative work faster to the market.

Advantages of #UsingProofCafe

  • Centralise proofing & review process to deliver your creative work faster to the market
  • Don’t worry about finding and replying to lengthy emails trail. Get past the confusion, frustration emails cause and start using ProofCafe to upload your proof, gather review comments and feedback
  • Reviewers and stakeholders will clearly know about the latest version of the proof and they can easily compare changes between two different version of a proof
  • Save considerable time and cost because
    • Easy annotation controls help reviewers to provide specific & contextual review comments the latest version of the proof
    • Content creator such as creative/ graphics designer will easily know exact feedback & s/he can make improvement,  upload & share a new version
    • Lesser misunderstanding and no need of frequent rework leads to higher productivity

In the next part we will see how reviewers and clients can access proof and provide their review comments.

Do sign up for ProofCafe beta to get hands-on experience and together improve the proofing process.


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