#UsingProofCafe – How to Create a Project and Upload a Proof

ProofCafe is an online proofing software that simplifies and streamlines the sharing, review and approval of creative content. It helps creative agencies and marketing teams to deliver marketing projects more accurate and quicker. ProofCafe significantly improves team collaboration, centralises review feedback, gets rid of manual steps to review and approve the creative content.

Basics of #UsingProofCafe – How to Create a Project and Upload a Proof

#UsingProofCafe - Create a Project & Upload a Proof

This post covers the basics of using ProofCafe to create project, upload and share proof. You will find answers to following questions.

  • What does the application landing page look like?
  • How are my projects organized?
  • How do I upload & share files?
  • Which all files types are supported?

As you sign up for ProofCafe, you can do away from using emails, printing copies of proof, attaching and sending copies of proof to a email distribution list and such traditional methods of review/proofing of creative content.

Create a Project

#UsingProofCafe - Create a Project

Once you sign up for ProofCafe, the first step is to a create project. A project can have a one or multiple creatives. Project can be named to indicate client project. So let’s create a project.

How Does It Work?

ProofCafe provides an intuitive user interface to help users upload the proof and invite reviewers.  It hand-hold the user with a wizard to walk him/her through the ‘upload a new proof’ process.

  • Your can upload a proof by clicking on Browse link displayed and then selecting desired files or simply select desired files from your local computer or local network and drag-and-drop those files in the highlighted area.

#UsingProofCafe - Upload a Proof Wizard


Select desired file(s) to upload as a proof(s).

  • In the next step, you can invite reviewers and decision makers to view & access the proof files.

#UsingProofCafe - Invite Stakeholders to Review & Approve Proof

  • You can name reviewer’s group to identify a specific group of reviewers and decision makers in a department or external clients.
  • You can configure their role and email frequency for optimal use
  • You can also indicate whether only one decision is required and also specific whether there should be a due date for reviewers.

Remember, once reviewer are identified in respective groups, whenever new review comments are added or new version of the proof is uploaded, reviewers will be notified appropriately by email and In-app notification.

File Types Supported

We are supporting following file types. We will continue to add more to the list.

Image Formats: PNG, JPEG, BMP, JPG, GIF, TIFF, TIF

Video Formats: MOV, MP4, FLV, M4V, MKV, MPEG, MPG, OGG, WEBM, VOB, AVI

Portable Document Format: PDF

Adobe Photoshop Format: PSD

Do let us know if you would like to any additional file types ProofCafe should support, in the comments section.

Why you should use online proofing software?

Certainly there are benefits of using online proofing software which will help you deliver your creative work faster to the market, improve collaboration among the stakeholders and also increase productivity of the team.

  • Speed up the review process and deliver your creative work faster to the market 
  • Get rid of lengthy emails trail and the confusion, frustration it causes, use a central platform to upload your proof, gather review comments and feedback
  • Let everyone clearly know what-is-the-latest-version with online version control and easily allow them to compare changes from one version to another.
  • Clearly, a central platform like ProofCafe can help you save time and cost because
    • Reviewers can provide specific and contextual feedback to the latest work
    • Creative /Graphics designer can easily understand review comments & make improvement and upload new version
    • There is very little or no scope for misunderstanding, over-communication or rework

All in all, ProofCafe simplifies life for creative designer as well as decision makers.

As a part of next part of the series #UsingProofCafe, you will be able to invite reviewers and set due date for review.

Do sign up for ProofCafe beta to get hands-on experience and together improve the proofing process.


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