#UsingProofCafe to Complete Review and Approval of a Proof

ProofCafe is an online review collaboration tool for creative content such as advertorial banners, flyers, posters, jewellery/packaging design as well as brochure and videos, etc. It enables design teams to invite reviewers, clients to view designs, gather their review feedback and get the proof approved.

Once creative design team starts using ProofCafe to upload its design and creative content for review; everyone involved (reviewer/ approver, internal/clients) is saved from interacting the lengthy emails threads about review comments or new proof version or approvals. Printing the copies or attaching/sending copies of the design files to a email distribution list, will be a thing from past. ProofCafe is designed to enhance the collaboration among designers, -reviewer and approvers. It drastically reduces confusion and frequent reworks thus helping teams to deliver its design and marketing message faster to the market.

#UsingProofCafe to Complete Review and Approval of a Proof 1

How Does It Work?

ProofCafe is incredibly simple tool with intuitive user interface to provide review comments right on top of the images, videos and approve the proofs. The ease with which reviewers can specify the context and provide precise feedback using markup tools. Review comments left by reviewers using annotation and markup tools simplifies life for designers. Designers can quickly and effortlessly understand the exact review feedback shared by reviewers; update the design and upload newer version in ProofCafe. Reviewers and approvers are notified whenever newer version of a design file (proof) is uploaded. They can compare latest version with earlier versions, complete the review and approve the proof. 

Basics of #UsingProofCafe to Complete Review and Approval of a Proof

This post covers how internal reviewer or client can complete his/her review of a proof and approve it. You will find answers to following questions.

  • How to complete a proof review as a reviewer?
  • How to complete a proof review as an approver i.e. how to approve a proof?
  • What happens once a proof is approved?
  • How does approval in review group work?

Designer can invite different types of users to access the proof such as

  • Observer
  • Reviewer
  • Approver / Decision Maker

Observer can not take any action over the proof. Reviewers can annotate and leave review feedback. Approvers can provide review comments as well as approve the design. So depending on what is user’s role for a given design file (proof), there are different actions s/he can take to complete the review.

Let’s find out answers to above questions about #UsingProofCafe to Complete Review and Approval of a Proof.

Completing Review of a Proof as a Reviewer

Answer: Using internet connected browser.

Reviewer can compare latest version with previous versions. Once s/he is sure that all review feedback is incorporated in the latest version, reviewer can notify that s/he has completed the review. To mark review as complete, ProofCafe provides button at the top called Finish Review. Clicking Finish Review button will display option for review to indicate Review is Complete as shown below.

#UsingProofCafe to Completing the Review of a Proof

If reviewer still has some review feedback to provide, s/he doesn’t have to click Finish Review button, which will keep the reviewer’s status as Pending.

Completing Review of a Proof as a Approver i.e. How to Approve a Proof?

Decision maker or approver can look at the latest version of proof and once s/he thinks that the latest version is fine, approver can notify his/her decision about the design file/video or pdf. To notify decision, ProofCafe provides button at the top called Submit Decision. Clicking Submit Decision button will display following options

  • Approved
  • Changes Required
  • Pending

#UsingProofCafe to Complete Review and Approval of a Proof

Approver can click on Approved button to notify that he approves the design/pdf or video. If there are more change required, s/he can click on the second option Changes Required. If there is no reason to make a decision, approver doesn’t have to do anything. Approver’s decision of the proof will continue to show as Pending.

What Happens Once a Proof is Approved?

Once a proof is marked as Approved or Changes Required, decision maker can change its decision to any other options such as Pending at any time. Similarly, reviewer can change its review status from Review Complete to Pending at any time.

Approval In Case of Review Groups

When multiple Reviewers are invited, be it in the one Review Group or different Review Group, their individual review statuses are reported in ProofCafe; however these statuses do not impact the Approval status of a proof.

Review Group Approval Settings

Depending on the option selected for Review Group, e.g. if Only One Decision Is Required is selected in that case, any one approval decision will indicate approval for the entire Review Group.

Proof Locking

Also depending on the proof setting such as Lock the proof when all decisions are made, once all decisions are made, the proof is locked from any further review comments or upload.

Why should you use online tool to Complete Review and Approval of a Proof?

Actually there are more than one reasons why you should use online tool to complete review and approval of a proof, such as

Advantages of #UsingProofCafe

  • It is lot easier for designer to upload and share the proof with reviewers
  • Reviewers can easily access proof without any fancy software and provide review feedback
  • Designers find it simpler to understand the review comments right on top of the proof image/video/pdf file, make necessary changes and upload new version
  • Reviewer and approvers can easily compare latest version with older versions and notify their decision right through ProofCafe
  • Everyone knows the status of the proof, access the review feedback without any ambiguity and delay
  • Real time communication and collaboration is more structured and contextual
  • There is lesser misunderstanding and no need of frequent rework which in turn leads to higher productivity

Do sign up for ProofCafe beta to get hands-on experience and together improve the proofing process.