#UsingProofCafe to Compare Proof Versions

ProofCafe is an online proofing software for creative agencies to centralize their review process of digital media content such as advertisement banners, cards, flyers, posters, brochure as well as videos. Creative agencies, design and marketing firms can use ProofCafe to invite clients to view creative content and easily collect their review feedback and get the proof approved.

As you start using ProofCafe to upload and share digital media content for review & approval, you do not have to worry about confusing emails threads about review comments or proof version. No more printing copies of proof or attaching copies of proof to a email-distribution—list. Say goodbye to non-productive, traditional methods of review of creative content. ProofCafe significantly improves collaboration among designer, reviewer and clients and drastically reduces frequent rework. Thus you can deliver best of your work: your creative design, marketing message faster to the market.

#UsingProofCafe to Compare Proof Versions

This post covers the next step for reviewers/clients to compare two different versions of the proof, identify changes made which helps reviewers to verify whether changes are reflecting correctly in the newer version. You will find answers to following questions.

  • How to compare two different versions of a proof?
  • How to check and view comments in comparison mode?
  • How to compare two videos?

How Does It Work?

More often than not, when clients provide review feedback for a ad banner, flyer,  card or video, it requires designer/video editors to rework the file(s). When a new version is ready and shared with client using email or shared folder, there is no easy way for a client to compare what has changed between current and previous versions of the file.

ProofCafe provides an simple and intuitive user interface for reviewers to compare two different versions of the proof, be it image, pdf or video. The ability to compare two different versions side by side gives far greater clarity to identify changes/difference between two files. Reviewers are no longer have to download two different versions, open one at a time or manually place them side-by-side.

Let’s find out answers to these questions about #UsingProofCafe to Compare Proof Versions.

How to compare two different versions of a proof?

Answer in three words: Internet ready browser.

#UsingProofCafe to Compare Proof Versions

Once you as reviewer knows there are multiple versions of a proof available, you would like to compare what has changed. To compare two versions, simply click on the proof thumbnail or click on Review Proof option. It will open the latest version of the proof for you. You will notice Compare Proof Versions icon as shown below. Click on it to open comparison page. You will see latest version along with its immediate preceding version, side by side.

You will start noticing difference as you can see both files side by side. To compare it further, you can zoom it out, scale to height/width of the screen. ProofCafe comparison mode will help you identify/point out the differences in those two versions of proof.

How to check and view comments in comparison mode?

#UsingProofCafe to Compare Proof Versions - View Comments

When you will open proofs in comparison mode, you will also notice comment bubbles displayed on the image/pdf/video. Simply clicking on desired numbered bubble on any given proof will display the comment and who made the comment.

How to compare two videos?

In case of videos, comparison mode will open a player in the browser itself. User does not have to download any video player, as long as you are using latest browsers.

Comparing two videos is similar to images or pdf; just the comments will be displayed not-just over the screen but also for given points in time. Like images, the reviewer’s comments will be displayed automatically whenever video player reachers to the given time on the play-timeline.

#UsingProofCafe to Compare Proof Versions of Videos

User can activate only one audio from either of the two videos; since it is not easy to hear two audio at the same time. User can pause, click on the comment, move forward/backward, zoom in/out the video size or fit-to-page-width.

Remember, comparison mode is view only. Reviewers will not be able to add comment or annotate using any markup tool.

Why should you use online tool to compare multiple version of your creative contents (proof)?

The reason is simple: ProofCafe makes it really easier for reviewers to check whether their review feedback has been implemented/incorporated in the newer version or not. The ability to compare two versions of the proofs side by side is incredibly effective and useful to make approval decisions.

Advantages of #UsingProofCafe

  • Single and central platform to upload, share proofs with clients and gather their feedback
  • Kiss goodbye to confusing email threads and frustration it causes to figure out specific review response or decisions
  • Clients and reviewers always work with the latest version of the proof. ProofCafe gives amazing ability to compare multiple versions of the proof side-by-side on one page, which does not require any fancy software to download.
  • Save significant time and cost because
    • Easy markup tools and annotation controls in ProofCafe help reviewers to provide exact feedback to the latest version of the proof
    • Content creator such as creative/ graphics designer will be easily understand the exact review feedback & s/he can make changes to upload a new version
    • No more misunderstanding, over communication and no need of frequent rework which leads to higher productivity

Do sign up for ProofCafe beta to get hands-on experience and together improve the proofing process.