#UsingProofCafe – Annotate a Proof and Provide Review Feedback

ProofCafe is an online proofing review and collaboration software for creative content such as advertisement banners, flyers, posters, hoarding likewise illustrative as well as brochure and videos, etc. It allows creative agencies/design firms to invite reviewers, clients to access creative content and gather their specific, contextual feedback to approve the proof.

Start using ProofCafe to upload your creative content for review and you can do away confusing emails threads about review comments or proof version; neither you have to print copies of proof or attach/send copies of proof to a email distribution list and likewise traditional methods of review/proofing of creative content. ProofCafe improves designer-reviewer collaboration and significantly reduces rework to deliver creative design, marketing message faster to the market.

Basics of #UsingProofCafe – Annotate a Proof and Provide Review Feedback

#UsingProofCafe - Annotate a Proof and Provide Review Feedback

This post covers the next step for reviewers/clients to provide their review comments, feedback about the proof using ProofCafe. You will find answers to following questions.

  • What does a reviewer/client need to view/annotate a proof?
  • How can I annotate a proof and provide review comments ?
  • What all annotation control/options do I have?
  • How can I reply to existing review comment?
  • How can I search through review comments?

How Does It Work?

ProofCafe provides an simple and intuitive user interface for reviewers to provide their feedback comments, right on top of the images, videos. The ability to set the context and provide specific feedback make it easier for everyone to clearly understand where & what reviewer is trying to say. As they say, “one picture is worth a thousand words”. This is exactly what ProofCafe helps you with reviewer feedback. Reviewers are no longer have to describe the location and the context; simple use of markup tool and annotation does the job.

Let’s find out answers to these questions about #UsingProofCafe – Annotate a Proof and Provide Review Feedback.

What does a reviewer/client need to view/annotate a proof?

Answer in four words: Just Internet ready browser.

We looked how to invite reviewers to access proof in last post. To access the proof, users only require internet ready browser. Once you have invited reviewers, they receive email notification. If the reviewer is your colleague/internal user, s/he can login to its ProofCafe account to access the file. If the reviewer is external user such as client, s/he can simply click on the Open Proof link in the email s/he would have received. Clients do not require login to access & review proof files.

Annotate a Proof and Provide Review Comments

#UsingProofCafe - Adding a Review Comment

There are distinct markup tools available in ProofCafe to annotate the proof. As reviewer identifies the location-point (point in time in case of video), select desired markup tool and then mark/draw it at the location in image, ProofCafe will prompt with a comment box. Reviewer can enter his comment/feedback in the comment box over the image. ProofCafe will assign a serial number to the comment and display desired colour to the markup box. Anyone who clicks on the serial-number in markup box over the image, corresponding comments will get highlighted in the comments sections and vice versa.

What all markup & annotation tools  Can I Use?

There are distinct markup tools available in ProofCafe such as

  • Rectangle
  • Arrow
  • Free shape
  • Colour picker
  • Measure distance
  • Panning mode and so on.

#UsingProofCafe - Markup & Annotation Tools

While entering comment in the comment box, reviewers and other users can also use hashtags (#) and smileys. These hashtags can be used to search comments containing hashtags.

#UsingProofCafe - Hashtag in Comment for Search

How can I reply to an existing review comment?

#UsingProofCafe - Replies to comment on click

Say reviewer has provided his/her feedback and designer would like to clarify or share its opinion. ProofCafe allows user to reply an existing comment. Simply hit the Reply button in the comments section. ProofCafe will display a comments box where you can enter your comment.

How can I search through review comments?

Once you open a proof, you will notice a search box on the right side. Enter desired keyword you would like to search and ProofCafe will display comments matching the keyword. Even better if you use hashtags. As mentioned earlier, users can use hashtags (#) to mark their comments, system will search through comments.

Remember, reviewers, decision makers and other involved users will be notified whenever a new review comments are added as per the email preference configured for each individual.

Why you should use online tool to annotate a proof and gather review feedback?

Of course, for the benefits one can reap using online proofing software like ProofCafe. The platform for creative content review and collaboration makes it incredibly easier for your clients to collaborate with creative teams to provide contextual feedback and review. It makes all the more easier for your design team to gather review feedback, understand it, update newer version and upload it. Your creative team in turn, will be able to deliver their creative work faster to the market.

Advantages of #UsingProofCafe

  • No more confusion & frustration of going through lengthy emails trail responses as you start using ProofCafe to upload proof, gather review feedback
  • Centralise your creative content for proofing as well as the review process to deliver your creative work faster to the market
  • Your clients will clearly know about the latest version of the creative content and they can easily compare changes between two different version of a proof
  • Everyone will save considerable time and cost because
    • Easy annotation controls which will help reviewers to provide specific & contextual review comments the latest version of the proof
    • Content creator such as creative/ graphics designer will easily know exact feedback & s/he can make improvement,  upload & share a new version
    • You will see almost real time communication and collaboration is more structured and contextual
    • Lesser misunderstanding and no need of frequent rework leads to higher productivity

In Next post of the this series we will see how to upload a new version of a proof.

Do sign up for ProofCafe beta to get hands-on experience and together improve the proofing process.


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