Online Proofing Software for Printers

Online Proofing Software for Printers

Printing Business Means – Wearing Different Hats

Printer business is undoubtedly unique because it involves blend of creativity as well as fineness, craftsmanship as well as engineering, mass market as well as boutique approach. Owners and managers of printing businesses have to wear different hat to keep it growing — right from getting involved in sales processes to designing to actual shop-floor printing, cutting to customer support, invoicing and billing as well.

The whole printer business has its heart lies in the print order cycle. If there is any way, somehow  – the burdensome print order cycle can be turned into an exceptionally streamlined one; that is exactly all printer have been waiting for. The e-commerce part is somehow taken care of with services that allows customers/end users to place their print orders easily like These print orders can be professionally branded or customised printing services. These products/services can involve as simple as business stationery to sophisticated marketing collaterals that may go all over the country/continent or overseas like

  • Business cards
  • letter-heads
  • envelopes
  • catalogues
  • brochures
  • banners
  • posters
  • door-hangers
  • express banners

Typical workflow for Printers

If you are a full service agency that offers designing as well as printing, more often than not, clients come to you with some idea to print cards, brochure or banner or so. They want you to design the logo or design the content of the card or brochure to suit their need. Your designer designs it, prepares the artwork and you send it to the client for approval before going prepress. Clients suggests corrections, your designer changes the design, resends files back to client for approval, clients again suggest corrections to it. After many iterations, client finally approves the design and you send the design for prepress checks such as

    • Check for correct layout
    • Check for approved fonts
    • Check for appropriate resolution

After servicing clients over the period of time you realise this is not scaling up. You are too occupied with basic things involved in the printing.

Have you realised that what is the biggest bottleneck holding you up?

Automating Printing Processes

Lack of automation.

Printing involves many manual processes right from receiving inquiry to designing to printing to delivery to receiving final payment from the client. The world we are living today, businesses are thriving primarily on automation. One thing that is holding print business from scaling up, is lack of automation.

Automation is the key to scale up your business

You may have state of arts printers, designer tools by your side which will kind of do bit of automation in your business. However the big breakthrough will be when you will be able to streamline your to-print-content review and approval processes with your clients. Online proofing software can easily streamline review and approval processes for printing.

Scaling up manual reviews and approvals

Of course, not everything can be automated but I am sure you have realised what is the most frustrating part of it all – it is getting final approval from the client. The manual way of sending files, receiving review feedback from client and resending corrected files again & again till you get approval is simply eating up tremendous amount of time.

Online Proofing Software for Printers

ProofCafe - Online Proofing Software for Printers

So what does an online proofing software do for printers?

Upload your creatives/artwork to ProofCafe

You can upload your creative artwork to proof cafe as simple as drag-and-drop. Going forward, you will be able to upload your design through your Adobe Creative Cloud account.

Invite clients, Share designs online

Once your design is uploaded, you can invite your clients to access the creative/artwork online, without any sophisticated designer tool.

Clients can review add comments online and approve it

Clients do not need any different tool apart from internet ready latest browser to access the design and to review comments to approve it.

Upload new versions with correction and clients will be notified

After client has marked its comments, suggested changes, designer can upload updated newer version using ProofCafe. System will automatically notify client about new version and they will always be accessing the latest version of the design.

Clients can compare multiple versions side-by-side

Clients can compare what changes have gone into latest version compared to earlier versions of the design. A tool to compare two different versions of the same design makes it easier for clients to identify the differences and know whether all requested changes are done correctly.

Be notified when client approves the design/proof

As and when client approves the design/proof, you will be notified via email.

You are all set to move to prepress the copy.

Advantages of ProofCafe Online Proofing Software for Printers 

  • Easy online access
  • No login for customer
  • Less rework as you are notified whenever client makes comments
  • Faster client approver
  • One platform to collaboration with your clients
  • No more attachments and shared folders

What Makes ProofCafe Different

  • Transparent about pricing and storage
  • Support for multiple file types
  • Cross Platform access
  • Get precise feedback right on top of the image, pdf
  • Upload multiple versions of design files & compare them side by side
  • Simple, faster and intuitive to use

Are you ready to streamline your printing process? Start using online proofing software. Lesser rework and faster approval, it is.