Online Proofing for Designer – Work Simplified

Ask any designer – what does s/he hate the most. It’s the time that takes to get feedback/approval to their creative work and review feedback without clarity. It is obvious for designers to think that their primary and the most important job is to create designs which simplify life; make things easier, appealing, engaging for their client.

But what is the reality?

Once a design is submitted for review and approval; designer has to wait for reviewers and clients to provide feedback. Worse, s/he has to follow up with reviewers and approvers for response. Usually review feedback would be sent using email or entered in some spreadsheet. In either of these cases, designers would get frustrated when

  • S/he is unable to ‘GET’ the review feedback – what reviewer is trying to say
  • Email exchanges to clarify review comment would add to more confusion
  • A meeting would be scheduled to ‘sort-out’ the confusion

The result is, time and mental energy are wasted – especially on things which do not even add much to the creative outcome. Tools and processes should be conductive to doing business: it should bring clarity, improve collaboration, save time and add productivity of a designer, internal reviewer as well as clients. Online proofing system  is the solution to simplify work for all stakeholders.

Online Proofing Software for Designer - Work Simplified

How Online Proofing for Designer Simplifies Work?

No More Complicated Files Attachment – Design Sharing Simplified

The design files designers work on are not Microsoft Word or MS Excel. They use advance design suite/tools to generate their design. Design reviewers and clients do not have such advance tools to review design work. Obviously, designer has to extract his design to some image, pdf so that reviewers can view to provide comment. To share design files, designer would share it either via email or upload to some online platform such as Google Drive, Dropbox.

Online proofing software enables designer to simply drag and drop their design work  to upload using internet browser and invite reviewers to review the design. Online proofing system takes care of the file formats and allow clients to view design using simple browser. Sharing, accessing and viewing design files is pretty easy. Designer can control whether to allow others to just-view, download, add comment or approve/reject the design.

Say Goodbye to Communication Chaos – Collaboration is Real Time

As I mentioned earlier, email communication is good as long as it has limited responses (3-4 may be). But when there are 15-20-50 replies, email communication just get chaotic. No one would know what feedback was given in 23rd email and whether all-those-feedbacks are incorporated.

Online proofing and review tool takes away to email chaos, meaning you don’t have to rely solely on emails to see/respond to review comments. The emails sent by online review software can be viewed as informative ‘Email ‘Notification’. Reviewer can enter his/her review comments online, use hashtags, smiley; search through comments, view related annotation over the design file; go through comments as comments & replies are organised.

The collaboration using online review software is nearly real-time. When someone adds comment, you get to see that in your proofing software.

No Login Required for Clients  – Engage Clients Without Barrier

The other problem designer face with some of the online sharing platform is, their clients need to login to access shared design file. Today there are so many services all of us have to enter credentials (username/password) to use those services. How many credentials one can remember. The other problem with such platform is, login is deterrence.  The psychological barrier to login to another system prevents clients to provide their comments; they keep procrastinating their feedback. The review process is delayed simply because clients don’t want to login.

Online review and approval software allows designer to invite their client for review and approval by simply entering their unique email address. As long as the email is accessed by only one person and secure manner, the email invitation to review design file will take client to online platform where it does not require them to login. In any case, clients can only add their comments and mark their decision; they can not change the design file. But no-login-required takes away the mental block to provide comments.

Gathering Review Feedback is Easy – Save Time & Deliver Faster

When client can simply click on a link to view a design file online; without a login, doesn’t mean that he can provide specific feedback to designer. In that sense, if a design file is shared using Facebook or Twitter or Instagram should do the job, right? These platforms also allow stakeholders to enter their comments. But that’s not going to help designer much.

And that is exactly where online proofing software simplifies life for designer, reviewer and clients. The ability to annotate right on top of the design file using coloured rectangle, pen, arrow, circles sets exact context. Reviewers do not have to describe the point-location in the banner or pdf where s/he is referring to. Annotated comments points to exact location on the viewable design file. It is life save for reviewer as well as designer – it takes away all the ambiguity, brings precision of exact feedback. Designer knows exactly where a specific comments is pointing to; s/he would be saved from the struggle to understand the feedback. There is no need to have trails of email exchanges or meet personally. It saves time, improve productivity to deliver the work faster.

Set Approval Workflow & Sign-off Your Design

Using online proofing tool, designer can set the workflows to reflect the way his/organization works. Designer can identify the review teams such as Marketing, Legal; set separate deadline for each group. With this workflow process, you know which review team is going to complete the review first, who is next. It also clearly set the approval workflow for the design file for all stakeholders’. Clients can accordingly sign-off the design on time or when reminded by the system/designer.