Getting Started with ProofCafe Design Review Software

Getting Started with ProofCafe Design Review Software

Get your creative content, designs reviewed & approved much faster than ever!

ProofCafe - Getting Started with ProofCafe Design Review Software


ProofCafe design review & approval software is online proofing software for creative teams, marketing agencies, packaging design firms as well as printers among others. It is a simple collaboration platform that helps designers, audio/video editors to share their creative work with team and clients. Publisher can upload and share multimedia  content such as print ad banner, flyers, cards, brochures, audio ad/podcast, video advertisement, etc. and get precise review and faster approval from client.

Using ProofCafe software is pretty easy. Anyone who has internet connected browser can use ProofCafe to deliver awesome design work.

This quick start guide will help you get started with ProofCafe and show you how to use it for clear review and quicker approval from clients.


Essentially ProofCafe has five steps to get your designs, creative visuals, videos reviewed and approved.

6 Steps to use ProofCafe – online proofing software

Setup new ProofCafe account

  1. Upload your design, creative content
  2. Invite reviewers & approvers to collaborate
  3. Gather Review Feedback
  4. Upload new version of design/visual content
  5. Compare two versions side by side
  6. Approve design/creative content

Signing up ProofCafe account is one time activity for designer. It takes less than two minutes to create a new ProofCafe account. And most importantly, clients do not need login credentials to review/approve a proof. Clients simply have click on the unique link received in the invitation email sent by publisher (designer) through ProofCafe software.

Upload Your Designs, Creative Content

ProofCafe Design Review Software - Upload a Proof

Once you have activated your ProofCafe account, you can organise multiple proofs in a project. You can upload

  • Image (PNG, JPEG, JPG, GIF, BMP, TIFF)
  • PDF
  • Audio (AAC, MP3)
  • Video (MP4, MPEG, MOV, FLV, M4V, MKV, MPG, OGG, WEBM, VOB, AVI) as well as
  • PSD

We are also going to support more file format as well as integration with Adobe suite.


Invite Reviewers and Approvers

#UsingProofCafe Invite Reviewer to Review Group

Publisher can invite reviewers and approvers and share files with them online. Inviting reviewers and approvers is matter of entering their email id, names. If you are inviting your colleagues to review the file, simply enter their names, ProofCafe will show colleagues names. Inviting external clients is also similar. Simply enter their email id, first name and last name, ProofCafe will send invitation email in the background.

To enable publisher to organise distinct departments and representative reviewers/approvers from these department, ProofCafe allows you to create review groups.

Remember, internal team members will need to login to access file whereas clients do not require login credentials to view the file, add review comments and approve the design.

Gather Review Feedback

#UsingProofCafe - Adding a Review Comment

ProofCafe has made incredibly easier for your clients to provide review comments. When your clients open the file/proof, they can see annotation controls such as square, colour picker, arrow, etc. They simply have to point the area in the file (image, pdf), annotate and add review comment, right on top of the image, pdf or audio or video.

Once a review comment is added, you as publisher receive email notification about it and s/he can view the specific review feedback right on top of the image or pdf or video.

This platform enables clients to provide specific review feedback with no need to describe the point of location or point in time on the video; simply annotate and mark the comment.

Designer/publisher on the other hand can clearly see the review comment exactly at the same location/point-in-time as specified by reviewer or approver.

Upload a New Version of Design/Visual Content

Based on the review feedback received, publisher/designer can make further changes to the design. Now designer/video editor has a updated content and s/he needs to share it with the client/team.

ProofCafe allows you to upload a new version of the same proof (creative content: image, audio, video, pdf). Clients will be notified about the new version and they can access the latest file when they will click on the link.

Thus, important stakeholders such as clients, design directors can clearly access, view the latest copy of the proof without any confusion. Of course, if they want, they can access the previous version of the file also.

Compare Two Versions Side by Side

#UsingProofCafe to Compare Proof Versions - View Comments

The another biggest advantage of ProofCafe software is ability to compare two different versions of images, pdfs, videos. You can select two different versions of a given proof to compare in the app itself.

#UsingProofCafe to Compare Proof Versions of Videos

The ability to view two different versions side by side gives you immense clarity in terms of difference in two version, changes included, comments added, etc. It is such a productivity booster and clears out any confusion about multiple versions and changes therein.

Clients to Approve Design/Creative Content

Once client is able to see and check everything is falling in place as far as design outcome is concerned, they can sign-off the design at a click. Again it is simple process to approve the proof and publisher is notified about the decision made.

#UsingProofCafe to Complete Review and Approval of a Proof

If you have been waiting for your client to approve the file and s/he hasn’t done so far, you can gently nudge and send him/her a reminder about the pending review/approval at a single click.

Get Started with ProofCafe

So, what are you waiting for? Get started using ProofCafe now and sign up a 15-days free trial account. No need to enter credit card for the free trial.

Visit and explore more about it.

Support and Feedback

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