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4 reasons To use proofcafe

Super Easy Sharing & Collaboration

Kiss goodbye to sending your work through email attachments. Simply share your designs be it banner, advertorials, brochure, images, audio, video with clients. Your clients can share their review feedback about the creative content. It is faster, clearer and much batter way to get feedback.

Lesser Rework & Faster Approvals

Proofcafe improves collaboration among clients as well as decision makers since they can see annotations and reply to other’s comments. This eliminates duplication, miscommunication and you can address questions and resolve pending things quickly. The result is minimum rework and fewer revisions to get final approval.

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Get Precise Feedback at One Place

No more describing the point or location in an image or pdf or video. With simple annotation & comments set the exact context for your review feedback. Clients can provide precise feedback right on top of the image, pdf or video. See all those reviews, feedback just at one place.

Automate & Be More Productive

No more juggling up with tactical tasks like reminding reviewers, clients about pending reviews. Automate these manual activities to free your teams to focus on real creative work. Automated email and in-app notifications ensures that reviewers and approvers will not miss out on comments made or issues resolved or pending approval before the due date.

IS Review process slowing you down?

Let it not decide your performance.
Start using proofCafe: automate, Streamline & speedup the review process

Proofcafe is online proofing software for creative professionals in digital marketing companies, marketing & branding agencies, design & packing organisations. It simplifies sharing of creative content; client can annotate & leave precise feedback, thus getting it reviewed & signed-off by decision makers. It’s all online using simple browsers. Basically ProofCafe helps you to deliver your amazing work faster to the clients as well as market.
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